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When we were young we looked upon everything with curiosity, and approached everything completely unaware of limitations. For some the cost of learning to be practical is paid for with ambition. For others, youthful energy never ceases, limits are never set, and we left to witness the resulting achievements of those who never quit looking at the world through young eyes. Wiley is impractical, relentless, and will never grow up. His youthful energy and limitless ambition seem to multiply as he gets older. Whether on the streets or in the studio, Robertson never stops, ignores all obstacles, and seems to make as much as he breathes, at times leaving one to question which of the two is keeping him alive. Robertson uses stickers, free hand spray paint graffiti, stencils, marker tags, wheat pastes, hand painted 2 x 4’s, and at times combines multiple of the mediums to announce his existence wherever he goes. His imagery matches the diversity found in the mediums used. Wiley seamlessly navigates inspired sign painting, portraiture, pop cultural imagery, letter based graffiti, community inspired iconography, and more. I do commisons, portraits, murals and even graphic design work. feel free to contact me for info on any of those things wileyrobertson@gmail.com I regulary contribute to group blog called  iwishthatitwouldrain.com More of my artwork at Instagram flickr

email at wileyrobertson@gmail.com